Powertape 1 1/2"x36 Yards

Powertape 1 1/2"x36 Yards

Reinforce banner edges without folding or hemming. Available in White.

  • Single-sided tape with super strong film
  • No need to fold the hem so there is no risk of unfolding
  • Apply PowerTabs™ First--Then apply PowerTape™ over PowerTabs--PowerTabs will not adhere to PowerTape because of its silicone release coating!
  • Clamp or tape both ends of banner with slight tension to remove wrinkles
  • Apply along top and bottom back edge of the banner--four-sided application not recommended
  • It is better to leave 1/8” to ¼” space between edge of tape and banner
  • Apply tape corner to corner--adding evenly distributed strength to banner--covering the PowerTab holes
  • Pull off an arms length of tape at a time
  • Primarily for use with outdoor banners
  • Will reduce edge curl on vertical indoor banners
  • Can be used with or without PowerTabs but only recommended without when using for indoor applications; PowerTape has only moderate strength when used by itself, but tremendous strength when used with PowerTabs
  • Recommended for banners in excess of 8’ or where maximum wind resistance is needed
  • Dissolve PowerTape silicone release coating by gently rubbing the tape film with a rag dampened in nail polish remover


  • Indoor/Light Duty Outdoor--PowerTabs with Rope attached through the Corner Loop or Mini Power Tabs
  • Heavy Outdoor--banners up to 8’--PowerTabs with Rope through Center Hole
  • Maximum Strength--PowerTabs & PowerTape

Part #: 2600P

Weight (lbs): 1.0000

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Product Details

"We use PowerTape to reinforce the tops of retractable displays. The problem is that the aluminum clamp at the top occasionally will nick the top of the polypropylene banner. Polypropylene doesn't have any directional strength so once a tear gets started, it just runs. A strip of PowerTape along the top edge is the perfect solution."

- Vince Tuccitto, Printing Finishing Solutions, Inc.

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